Where to Buy Duck Duck Jeep Clothes

Where to Buy Duck Duck Jeep Clothes

So you want to buy Duck Duck Jeep clothes to match your ducking Jeep lifestyle. Rubber ducks are showing up all over and if you are a new Jeep owner, you may be wondering why? This new trend is sure to leave anyone quacking!

At Vulcan and Venus, we support any active lifestyle that keeps you engaged and outdoors. When it comes to Duck Duck Jeep, we design with quality in mind. If you live the Jeep ducking lifestyle, you should own some apparel to support that movement. That’s why we make it easy for you. 

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Duck Jeep Wave

Next time you’re out cruising with the top down, doors off, sporting your Wrangler all naked, (you dirty dog) stand out with the Duck Wave clothing options. Try out a new tee with or tank to help show the world you’re all about Jeep Ducks. 

No matter what your reason is for putting ducks on Jeeps, you should really stand out doing it. So buy your rubber duck packs, get you a nice Jeep hat/tee combo, and start slinging those ducks like you mean it. We love everything Jeep here and live for those trendy activities. After all, Jeeping is meant for the outdoors and that’s what we are all about. 

Still Wondering Where Ducking all Began?

Check out this excerpt below from https://drivinvibin.com/

What Is Jeep Ducking?
By: The Drivin’ & Vibin’ Team

Many drivers buy a Jeep Wrangler and discover they’ve unknowingly joined a massive community of fellow Jeepers. They may notice drivers waving at them when they pass another Jeep Wrangler.

However, the “Jeep Wave” isn’t the only tradition Wrangler drivers enjoy.

There’s been a growing game among the community that they call “Jeep Ducking.” So how are rubber duckies inspiring smiles and creating a community? Let’s look and see!

What Is Jeep Ducking?
Jeep Ducking is a trend in the Jeep Wrangler community. Participants typically carry several rubber ducks in their Jeep Wrangler.

When they spot a fellow Jeep Wrangler, they place a duck on the vehicle’s door handle. Many will include a short note or word of encouragement to brighten the driver’s day. It’s a simple act of kindness that can help spread a bit of positivity.

How Did Jeep Ducking Get Started?
The origins of Jeep Ducking appear to be June 2020 in Ontario, Canada. A Jeep Wrangler driver, Allison Parliament, visited her family in Canada and purchased a bag of rubber ducks to hide throughout her family’s house for them to find after she left.

A parked Jeep Wrangler caught her eye as she walked out of the shop with the rubber ducks. She grabbed a duck and wrote “Nice Jeep!” on the bottom of the duck and left it on the door handle. The Jeep owner watched her and asked what Allison was doing. She explained the game, and they shared a laugh. This encounter sparked the trend.

Allison told a cousin about the encounter and the two dreamed of growing the trend. She created an Instagram account and Facebook page for others to share their random acts of kindness with fellow Jeepers. Their Facebook group has over 57,000 members, and their Instagram account has more than 34,000 followers. It’s a great way to bring a smile to a stranger’s face, one duck at a time.

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Woman sitting on top of Jeep Wrangler
If you own a Jeep, be prepared to get ducked!
What Do You Do When Your Jeep Gets Ducked?
The beauty of Jeep Ducking is there is no official rule book. If your Jeep gets ducked, you can pass the duck on to another Jeep driver, start a collection, or offer it as a gift to a child. You may develop a reputation among your friends and family for passing out rubber ducks. There are worse ways people could remember you!

The goal of the game is to spread positivity to others. Whether you continue the game or not is up to you. However, if the rubber duck makes you happy and indirectly causes you to treat others more positively, you’re unknowingly participating.

If the surprise of a cute rubber duck doesn’t bring a smile to your face, it might be time for a vacation!

How to Play Duck Duck Jeep
The most important part of Jeep Ducking is encouraging kindness, fun, and spreading smiles. If you want to jump on board the trend, grab a bag of rubber ducks and a sharpie. You’ll want to use a permanent marker to give all of your ducks #duckingjeeps and #duckduckjeep tattoos on the bottom.

You can then place the ducks in your vehicle and distribute them as you spot other Jeepers around town. You can attach a note with a ribbon to spread more positive vibes, promote a Jeep club, or encourage them to connect with you on social media.

While rubber ducks won’t melt unless exposed to extreme temperatures, it’s a good idea to be mindful of where you place them. You don’t want to damage a fellow Jeepers vehicle or cause unnecessary issues. It’s supposed to be a fun game, but they may not have much fun if you damage their property.

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What Should I Write On My Jeep Duck Tags?
You should make sure you include the two hashtags #duckingjeeps and #duckduckjeep. However, whatever else you want to add to your tags is up to you. Many participants use it as an opportunity to promote a business or social media account.

However, we live in a world saturated with advertisements and branding. Some of the best tags do nothing more than offering a random word of encouragement and positivity to unsuspecting strangers.

Jeep Ducking, It’s a Community Perk
The Jeep community is vast and unique. There are few communities like it. If you’re not a Jeep owner, the idea of waving and leaving rubber ducks may seem a bit odd. It’s okay; you don’t have to understand. It’s a Jeep thing.

Have you ever been ducked? Drop a comment below!

What Is Jeep Ducking?

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